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Believe It or not YOU Have an Affect on Your

Practice’s Patient Retention.

11 Ways to Grow a Stronger Practice in 2011 and

11 Things to Do to Make it Happen!

5 Qualities of the Dynamic CA

Five Steps to Avoiding a “Leaky Bucket” in Your Practice


Five Office Challenges & 5 Easy Solutions

Give ‘Em What They Want

No Shows are Like Mosquito Bites

Patients Come First

Re-Examination + Re-Report of Findings =

 Remarkable Results

Rock The Boat…Don’t Tip The Boat Over

Savvy Secrets of the Successful CA

Set an Example

Your Practice Marketing Machine

Where have all the patients gone

Right Players Make a Winning Team

Do you manage your time or does your time

 manage you?

The Simplicity of Patient Satisfaction

Bedside Manners Matter

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