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Why should I choose MGV Marketing over other marketing options, and how do I know this is a good return on my investment?

Let's face it - getting new patients is the main purpose of any marketing campaign. Even though this is an important goal, how you get patients is even more important. Building your reputation in the community is probably the most effective way to get and keep new patients. You may be the friendliest, smartest, most talented doctor in your area, but how will anyone know if you don't get out there and show them! MGV's unique approach will provide you with the opportunity to build & maintain long-lasting relationships in your community. This is imperative to the growth of your practice.


What services can Michelle provide while she is at my office?

Besides her infectious energy and leaving your office painted with motivation and inspiration, Michelle’s “all-inclusive” fee includes (but is not limited to) to:


How quickly can I expect to see a return on my investment?

Most of Michelle’s clients have claimed to see a ROI as quickly as the first month. On average, a doctor’s case average is around $1,500. So just 3 new patients will pay for your investment, and 6 new patients will double it. To put things in perspective, most of Michelle’s clients see such great results, that they insist to have her back year after year! 


Is there any homework I need to do prior to Michelle’s visit?

To maximize her time with her clients, some of the things that Michelle requests before her arrival are:


What resources does Michelle provide with her Marketing Connection training?

Michelle provides everything necessary to start the marketing process. She will show your Community Relations Director (CRD) how to maintain a lead/follow up system to keep organized and ensure proper follow through.

Your office will also receive a data disc containing the following …







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