My experience with Michelle Geller-Vino has been a unique one. I had no experience in Marketing and Community Relations. For me Michelle was a wealth of knowledge which I soaked up like a sponge responds to water. She was a mentor to me for how to approach an organization, a corporate company or a school and get them to say "yes' to South Orange Chiropractic and Drs. Stephen Levine and Mark Roczey to allow us into their facilities to speak on Wellness. I have had one on one training as well as group training sessions when Michelle comes up to our office twice a year to support and train the staff through role-playing and various other exercises. This training has helped us develop into a strong positive staff.

I continually have bi-weekly teleconferences with Michelle where we go through any troubleshooting and develop new methods to improve and enhance my position as a Community Relations Director for the practice.

Michelle Geller-Vino has been essential in my development into a confident Community Relations Director for South Orange Chiropractic and becoming a key part of the team in helping the practice grow.

Leslie Harris

Community Relations Director

South Orange Chiropractic Center

South Orange, New Jersey

I would like to take this opportunity to share the experience of my Chiropractic Community Relations Director course that was given by Michelle Geller-Vino at Dr. Mark Arsenaults office. I did not know what to expect but Michelle's one- on-one training made me feel very comfortable. Her enthusiasm and personality made the training very hands on and easy to relate to.

Michelle made cold calls with me behind closed doors and was able to make the role playing exercises seamless, efficient, and easy. I recorded her live audio phone conversations and practiced them with her during real life telephone scripting calls. She actually made cold calling "fun" for me and taught me the importance of asking the right questions during the telephone sales call.

Lastly, she assisted me in developing and building strong lasting relationships with our local business owners in our community and now I do it on my own! Michelle continues to speak with me regularly and supports me with my challenges, discusses strategies and successes over the phone. I look forward to her coming back soon to work with me and our practice.


Thank you, Michelle

Paula Harwell-Bell

Community Relations Director

Dr. Mark Arsenault, N. Hampton, NH

Michelle is great and very easy to work with because of her professional work ethic and open personality. She taught me how to become a marketing leader for this practice. She also makes sure to take the time to speak to me once a week to see how I am progressing. Michelle is never shy to give me new and creative ideas that help promote the office. Our office has grown with both staff and patients and I believe her training was the root of it. Thank you Michelle for all of your time and determination to make me the Community Relations Director I am today!


Lisa Rutigliano

Community Relations Director

Dr. Alfred Davis, Jr.

Montclair, New Jersey

There is nothing more important to any business than an abundant flow of new clients or patients. A host of ills in any chiropractic office can simply he solved by getting more new patients. While it is true that you may need to reorganize, change staff and improve your education and sales approach, having lots of new patients coming in he door will buy you The time you need to reorganize. I have had the pleasure at knowing and working with Michelle Geller-Vino for a number of years. At first she helped us by actually setting up lectures for us in our community and more recently she has trained my staff to do the same. Since she was with us a few short months ago my marketing efforts have become more effective and my PR calendar is rapidly filling. This has allowed me to get out into the community and bring the chiropractic and natural healthcare message to people who otherwise would never have heard if.

Michelle has become a valuable team member and has continued to monitor our progress and has stayed in regular communication with my staff, helping them fine-tune their marketing. She is caring and passionate about what we do as chiropractors. If you are looking to boost your practice and expand your reach into the public arena then I can wholeheartedly recommend Michelle to you. She delivers what she promises and does it with a warm smile.


Tim Fargo, D.C.

Edina, MN

I have been working with Michelle for over 10 years. She is amazing. She knows her stuff and works hard to make things happen. If you are ready for a kick in the butt and want to grow your practice then you need to call Michelle. She is excellent for training your staff and setting up your marketing agenda. You could not get anyone better.


 Darren Lastofsky, DC 

Lake Worth, FL

We initially hired Michelle to help us with marketing in our office. We soon found out how much more we got from this "little" ball of fire! Michelle came aboard

our team and really helped us to discover what was holding us back. She has been working one on one with the Doctor and staff in order to help each of us reach our fullest potential. We did some firing and hiring and she helped us with every aspect of both. We held a group interview and then got started with staff training. Once we got our team fired up again, we held a successful patient appreciation dinner as

well as several internal marketing events. Michelle holds us all accountable for our actions and "non-actions"! We look forward to many months of continued success as an outcome of Michelle's dedication to our office.


Thanks for all you do Michelle!

Lee Smith, DC

All Boca Chiropractic, Boca Raton, FL


Tami Smith

Office Manager

I have been working with Michelle Geller-Vino for over ten years now, I first hired her when opened my first practice. She was recommended y a friend as "the person you need to get events for my practice. Even though money was VERY tight I took a chance and hired her. Not only did she do an amazing job getting events for my practice but she also taught my staff how to continue this process for the years to come. Well now it is ten years later and I have eleven offices and I have used Michelle multiple times to "tune up" my marketing efforts. I give her my highest recommendation for anyone trying to expand their practice and chiropractic.


Roy "Buzz" Korth, DC

Columbus, Ohio

'I currently have over 20 years Chiropractic experience and have done some type of marketing every single one of those 20 years. The very best marketing plan was theone we incorporated with Michelle Geller-Vino and MGV Marketing. Michelle helped to create a plan that allowed our practice to attract patient's who stayed, paid and referred their family and friends. Michelle and her company are one of the best investments I've made in my practice. She is professional, attractive, knowledgeable and most importantly very effective." I look forward to having her back in the near future.


Andrew L. Mowry, DC

Powell, Ohio

MGV Marketing makes me love getting into my practice in the morning Thank you for the combination of marketing and training, thatALWAYS brings in new patients and creates a renewed staff that is full of energy and purpose and enjoys their work! Your ability to communicate and teach my staff is something I wish I could bottle and save, as I cannot get the same training and care in any of the nationwide seminars I have spent time and money traveling with my staff for. You truly are THE specialist in your field. I will always use MGV Marketing in the running of my practice.


Mark Arsenault, DC

N. Hampton, NH

Michelle has completely turned around my approach to reaching as many people within our community and get them out of pain.

Before my time spent with Michelle, I was titled as the "Marketing Director". With her advice and training, I realized that the title didn't fit. Now, the "Community Relations Director" fits my role at Mecca Integrated Medical Center to the "T". I work hard to schedule workshops, expos and fundraiser events for Dr. Mike, and have seen an increase in not only the amount of patients that come through the door, but team moral. The more I am able to get Dr. Mike out in the community, the more our staff can help get them out of pain. Having a constant influx of patients have motivated the other practitioners and created a positive, healing environment that our patients constantly comment on!

Michelle is always available to me, giving me an outlet to work through unfamiliar situations and create successful events. It has been a pleasure to work with her, and she keeps me motivated to constantly work at my best level. She has become a trusted source that I can turn to for advice - and has even helped me shadow fellow CRD's to fine tune the details our position requires. I credit her for turning my job into a career, and something I can see myself doing for many years to come.


Heather Radosin,

Community Relations Director for

Mecca Integrated Medical Center,

Fairfield, NJ

Michelle's program had an outrageous impact on growing our business and gaining exposure in our community. Her chiropractic certainty and energy are an inspiration to any office and our profession. it is also extremely valuabe in booking external lectures.

You were over the top, booking an unbelievable amount of speaking events in your short two day stay.


Dennis Schone,DC

Columbus, Ohio

What the staff has to say about Michelle...


"You taught me the best questions to ask, how to answer their questions correctly and how to overcome objections. I am now more confident in my approach on taking action and making outside events happen for all of our offices.

Rebecca from Virginia


"The information provided is invaluable, easy to understand and can be applied to any practice. Michelle helped all of the GAs step out of their comfort zones and we've all produced such positive results."

Rhonda from New Jersey


"After taking the two day marketing training, I came back to the office ready to rock and roll. I learned the proper verbiage, how to create relationships, speak to the right contact person, the importance of fbllow up and how to maintain an organized and efficient flillow up system. So far, my doctor and I are thrilled with my results!"

Karen from Pasadena California


"Michelle has helped me to become more outspoken, making me more valuable to my team and gaining respect from my doctors".
Jenny from NJ
"After working with Michelle, I feel more confident scheduling multiple appointments, managing my patient care plans and asking for money.  Role playing during trainings and having Michelle come back year after year has really improved our entire staff".
Pam from NH
"Michelle has helped me gain confidence in dealing with patients on a daiy basis.  She has also helped our team to communicate better to our doctors and is always a phone call away when we have a question or need help".
Jamie from TN
"Before Michelle started working with us we used to not a be as congruent a team, we rarely had team meetings, it would be more of a bitch session, now are meetings have a purpose!"
"When Michelle first started coming to our office, the simplest trainings made a huge difference.  Learning how to deal with new patients on the first call, missed appointments, no shows and aksing for referrals became so much easier."
Jen from Oregon
"When Michelle visited out office for the first time, she pointed out things didn't even notice, her office critiquing was excellent and our patients noticed the small changes that we made immediately".
Michele from California

I have been using MGV Marketing since the day I opened my practice. In fact, I knew that having MGV in my corner was a vital part of practice success.. .boy was

I right!

Over the past sixteen years, I have witnessed Michelle going above and beyond the call of duty. She and her team have set up talks for me in hundreds of different locations. We now get companies and schools calling us to ask if we will speak for them.

Regardless of your style of practice, MGV will cater the programs specifically for your office. I continue working toward the practice of my dreams and I owe so much of it to Michelle and the gang at MGV. Not only have they done the hard work of setting up our marketing programs, but they actually follow up with the schools and organizations to get feedback. This ensures that we can learn how to improve each time we speak.

I would never practice without the expertise of Michelle and her team. Thanks to them, my practice is the most well known in my community and we keep growing and growing.


Rick Markson,DC

Plantation, FL

I first heard of Michelle Geller-Vino from several of the doctors that I knowThey told me of how they used MGV for setting up outside lectures and how much it had helped them and their practices grow.

Since I started using MGV, not only was there the obvious benefits of creating another tributary of new patients, but her program has helped me personally since it created more exposure for me out in the community as well as honing my abilities as a public speaker. It has helped me build relationships with many businesses and organizations. I frequently get requests to come back and do present again.

Michelle is in a class of her own. I don't believe that there is another marketing person, or organization out there that is as committed, contentious and takes the success of their program in your office as serious as Michelle does. In fact, she won't accept a client unless she feels comfortable that she can do a great job for that doctor.

MGV has been out to our office many times over the years and the experience keeps getting better. In addition to setting up our lecture schedule, she makes herself available to help our office in any way that is needed; employee issues, other marketing ideas, and setting up heath-fairs just to name a few. Being that she was an outstanding CA herself, she has helped our office staff in dealing with patient management issues, and scripting. She is very positive and an incredible motivator. I have heard this from others, prior to using MGV, and I will attest to it now.... she always leaves my practice better than what it was when she came.


John Marino, DC

Bath, PA

There is no doubt that public speaking has always been the #1 way to increase New Patients - which seems to be the call of Chiropractors everywhere. And, the #1 resource that hundreds of my members have used to get NP's is Michelle Geller-Vino (President of MGV Marketing). With over 28 years of experience working in chiropractic offices nationwide, Michelle has learned all there is to know about building a bigger, better, more efficient, service -oriented practice. The end result of her on-site visit to your office is turned-on and inspired employees and a calendar filled with speaking engagements, meetings with health care professionals and other great events for the next three months. This amazing woman is the best "closer in chiropractic. When you couple a Patient Appreciation Dinner or staff training with her visitation to your office, you will take your practice to a higher level almost immediately. See has earned my wholehearted endorsement!


Dr. Larry Markson

The Markson Connection

The Cabin Experience

Co-Founder - The Masters Circle

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